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At Greenifi we help online merchants reach European customers and comply with EU regulation around Extended Producer Responsibility & Plastic Tax.

Extended Producer Liability is all about recycling and the repayment of the eco debt we have accumulated.

What is EPR & Plastic Tax?

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is an environmental policy that makes the party who first places a product subject to EPR requirements in the country (also known as “Producer” for EPR) responsible for the entire life cycle of the products that they introduce on the market, from their design until the end of life (including waste collection and take-back).

Plastic Tax is levy that is applied to non-reusable packaging that contains plastic.

Extended Producer Liability is not easy - making sure we understand its intricacies is paramount.

From a rather practical point of view…

Once you place a product in the countries adopting this regulation (for example France , Germany or Spain) you need to sign up, report and pay an “environment tax” to the selected institutions. Otherwise your products may be delisted from the marketplace.

Learn more about Extended Producer Responsibility.

How do I know if it impacts me?

There are a lot of new definitions, terms and process to abide by, so we have set up a learning page to clarify some of it and make it easier for all our customers to battle this new administrative requirement.

Education comes first - stay tuned with Greenifi

At Greenifi we are contiuously expanding our Education materials, to help keep up with the ever changing needs and requirements in this market.

Learn more

How do I get started?

EPR & Plastic Tax are no different then any other legal compliance process - cumbersome, time-consuming and painful. Joining Greenifi all that pain goes away. We have crunched through the complexity and established and simple and straightforward process that allows you to remain focused on the things that matter. To make sure we are on the right track make sure you:

to start the administrative part of your extended producer responsibility process make sure you understand your obligatios

Understand your obligation

EPR reporting obligations can be tedious. Let Greenifi help you understand with whom you need to be registered and what your reporting obligations are.

provide information on your business and products to start the extended producer responsibility process

Sign up and register

We ask for some information on your business and products supported by certain documents and submit to the relevant authority. Once you’ve received the EPR registration number(s), you will need to communicate it/them to Amazon as proof of compliance.

The monthly EPR process finishes with reporting and paying

Report and pay

You must declare your sales and pay the proportionate quota to the respective Producer Responsibility Organisation for the applicable reporting period.

Our Fees

At Greenifi, we believe in transparency. See our pricing table and services below and get started with your registration today.




One-off Registration Fee
from €150 / country / category*
Submission of application to the relevant authorities to obtain Green Tax number
Annual subscription Fee
from €150 / country / category
Preparation and submission of filing, payment processing
Minimum / Advance Contribution Fee
determined by country / category
Fee is re-billed the next year in March, then billed on a yearly basis. In certain categories, we collect this fee upfront, as the authorities require an advance payment for the respective year to obtain Green Tax number.
Annual Authorised Representation Fees
from €500 per country / category
Fee may occur in certain categories, where authorised or fiscal representation is mandatory.
Deregistration Fee
One-off Retrospective Filing Fee
€ 150 / report
Fee may occur in certain categories, where retrospective filing is mandatory in order to obtain Green Tax number
€ 150 / country / category
Fee may occur when a Green Tax number has to be deregistered with the authorities or representation is to be ceased.

*Pricing may vary in certain categories

**Subscription fee depends on the reporting frequency. Our standard price is €150 per report. Eg. if the reporting frequency is yearly in the selected category, the subscription fee is €150 per year

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